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Motoboys whose days are numbered?  Uber is testing cars that deliver food on their own

Motoboys whose days are numbered? Uber is testing cars that deliver food on their own

Do Motorcycle couriers Are your days numbered? Uber Eats began a new phase of food delivery on April 3, using self-driving cars. That's right, vehicles move without the need for human drivers.

This initiative, which represents an important change in the way food is delivered, has already been implemented in the cities of Tempe, Mesa and Chandler, all in the state of Arizona in the United States, in partnership with Waymo, a company specializing in food delivery. Self-driving vehicles.

Self-driving cars for food delivery – Image: Disclosure / Marcelo Gusto

Understand the new delivery system

The new delivery system, which does not require traditional couriers on motorcycles, is initially being implemented in select restaurants, such as Princess Pita, Filiberto's and BoSa Donuts. These establishments were chosen due to the location of their delivery areas, where Waymo's self-driving vehicles are allowed to drive.

For now, deliveries by self-driving cars will be made randomly, without the option of specific requests by customers. Anyone surprised by a delivery by self-driving vehicle will receive a notification through the app and must go to the vehicle to pick up the food. Using your cell phone, it will be possible to open the trunk of the car, where the food will be stored.

The service is in the testing phase, and for now, only one delivery will be made at a time to avoid potential order changes. However, the company is studying ways to improve the system to allow for shared deliveries and rides in the future.

The future of human couriers

But does this mean the end of human couriers? According to Uber Eats, not necessarily. The company stated that the goal of the pilot project is not to replace delivery companies with motorcycles, but rather to complete the delivery service.

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“Delivery drivers are essential to our business, both for shared rides and deliveries,” said Noah Zeck, global head of autonomous transportation and delivery at Uber. He stressed that the goal is to ensure good earning opportunities for drivers and that there is no intention to automate the work of employees.

However, if the tests are successful,… Uber Eats You can increase your profits by reducing the costs of human drivers to make deliveries.

*With information from Carscoops