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More than 240,000 migrants are detained at the US-Mexico border.

More than 240,000 migrants are detained at the US-Mexico border.

U.S. officials say efforts to bring illegal immigrants into the country are on the rise.| Photo: EFE/Paula Díaz

According to published data Bureau of Customs and Border Protection From America (CBP) this Friday (22), detained across the country 242 thousand Migrants and asylum seekers at the border with Mexico in November. This figure shows an upward trend compared to October.

According to US officials, November is the third largest month for migrant apprehensions at the border in recent years. 14 months according to CBP statistics. More people are detained 191 thousandAccording to the data, it attempted to enter the US territory irregularly.

Acting Commissioner of CPP, Troy MillerHe called on the US Congress to authorize more resources in a statement saying his agency faces a “significant challenge”.Improve border security and homeland security“and “immigration levels are historically high.”

In November, CBP recorded more 64,811 Citizen's arrest Mexicanscontinuously People of Venezuelawith 34,063 Seizures, and Guatemalanswith 26,299. These data show an increase in migration from Guatemala 10% Compared to October.

At the same time, the numbers reflect a reduction 16% The number of Venezuelans arriving at the border comes a month after the United States resumed deportation flights to Venezuela after years of freezing the practice. In September, before deportation flights resumed, Than 66 thousand Venezuelans were arrested at the border.

By the end of the first half of this year, the President's government Joe Biden Enacted a series of measures to limit the arrival of migrants at the border and restrict access to asylum. However, this has not had the desired effect, and the number of migrants trying to cross the US border continues to rise.

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The Venezuelan migration, in particular, already the largest human movement in the world, is more than that 7.7 million According to United Nations (UN) data, Venezuelan migrants and refugees.

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