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Entidades mobilizam ato em favor do piso da enfermagem

Mobilizing Entities to Work for Nursing Land | Bnt

The union entities in the municipality of Ponta Grossa and the Campos Gerais region, are preparing an action to repudiate the decision of Minister Luis Roberto Barroso that suspended Federal Law 14.434 / 2022 approved by Bolsonaro, which deals with the national nursing floor.

After Barroso’s decision, the entities are preparing for the mobilization that is scheduled to take place next Friday (9), and the work is scheduled to take place in the “Pazza dos Polacos”, starting at 11 am, and the mobilization is carried out on a national basis and seeks to value it. from the nursing category and reconsider the decision of the STF.

In Ponta Grossa, the law is supported by union entities, including the Municipal Employees Union SindServ and Sind. Said, work is also taking place in several cities in Parana on the same day and time.

According to Rubia Marchinsky, Ponta Grossa and other cities in Parana are participating in this mobilization, in a national law relating to the position of the STF.

“We have the support of the power of the Ponta Grossa Federation in the fight for nursing.”

In its social networks, the Union of Municipal Employees in Ponta Grossa reinforced the call for everyone to participate in the law, and said that the entity is in mourning for health professionals.

“SindServ in Mourning. Exactly a month ago we had the great joy of commemorating the Nursing Hall endorsement, day 4, the news brought a mixture of sadness and disappointment.”

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