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IFCE launches Budget Committee – Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Ceará IFCE

With weekly update, document allows monitoring and increases transparency

Last update:
09/05/2022 15:22

With the aim of contributing to the transparency of the institution, and allowing the academic and external communities to monitor the use of public resources within the scope of the Federal Institute of Ceará (IFCE), the Dean of Management and Planning (Proap) of the institution launched the IFCE Budget Panel. The document, which also enables active participation in institutional policy discussions, can be found online.

The session was developed by the Institutional Development Board (DDI), through a project involving two students from the Computer Science course at Campus Aracati of the IFCE (Luan Fernandes de França and Melissa de Sousa Felipe), by Research Grant Funding, with a business plan submitted to the Dean of Research, Graduate Studies and Innovation (PRPI). The advisor is Professor Erica de Lima Galindo, from the same campus. In short, the budget dashboard contains three visual and virtual environments that contain information, indicators, and metrics.

These spaces allow analysis of issues related to the implementation of the current year’s budget (credit available, amounts committed, repaid and paid); Implementation of resources from the financial budget of the previous year that is being implemented this year (the rest is to be paid); and a history of payments made by the IFCE in the past 13 years, allowing a longitudinal analysis of institutional expenditures.

The creation of the board meets the current demand for a simplified visualization of information on the budget implementation of IFCE units. The document will be updated weekly.

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Luis Carlos de Freitas – Rectory