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MIT launches a suite of NFTs to spread science

MIT launches a suite of NFTs to spread science

MIT Technology Review, the content and innovation ecosystem, has announced that it will launch a suite of NFTs to advance science and its research materials.

The idea is through a group of digital arts, his initiative called Science And Arts, to bring visual and audiovisual elements that complement the textual content of the MIT Technology Review.

These NFTs are intended to share visual materials produced by the institute. In this way, an active culture and community around science and technology is created.

With more than 120 years of tradition, the foundation says its mission is to create reports and disseminate research, insights, technological advances, and innovative trends that freshen up technology and its impacts.

Now, with the introduction of NFTs, the research institute intends to provide people who are interested in science and technology with this science content in an easier way.

“The visual content of the MIT Technology Review has been very well received, our infographics, videos and covers have always been very well received. By isolating this into an initiative, Science and the Arts, should contribute to a culture around science and technology. In short, it should be achieved by By bringing interested people together and artistically linking them to something closely related.” said André L. Miceli, CEO and Editor-in-Chief

Exclusive content for NFT buyers

The NFTs will allow those interested in acquiring these unique digital assets to access exclusive content from MIT Technology Review. Likewise, they will also have access to lectures, events, and dinners.

The collection is made possible by the innovation company that plans and develops digital products, Mobiop. Using blockchain technology and Web 3.0 concepts, it unites people in a common interest, and encourages the active participation of this community.

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“At Mobiup, we see new technologies as a way to connect people, spark discussion, and encourage collaboration.” Rodrigo Caggiano said.

MIT Technology Review believes that innovation is closely related to creativity and the promotion of art. In this sense, the sciences and the arts embody this synergy. For more information on MIT Technology Review’s collection of NFTs and how to acquire these unique digital assets, visit