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Minas supplies handicrafts and cheeses to friendly countries

Minas supplies handicrafts and cheeses to friendly countries

The government of Minas offers artisanal cheeses and artisanal products to the delegation of the European Union. Photo: Private collection

The Deputy Governor of Minas Gerais, Mateus Simos (Novo) and the Secretary of State for Culture and Tourism (Segalt), Leonidas Oliveira, are in Europe for an official technical visit of the Government of Minas Gerais. Crafts and handicrafts and Minas Gerais award-winning cheeses are being presented to officials this Thursday (2) as gifts to representatives of allied nations from the United Kingdom and Europe. Information provided by Secult to BHAZ.

“On the agenda until next week, meetings are scheduled with various officials from France and the United Kingdom, and the delegation chose to present to businessmen, diplomats and UNESCO members traditional pieces created by an artist from the Jequitinho Valley, in addition to artisanal Minas Gerais cheeses. International agendas include strengthening ties, attracting investments. and aims to seal the partnership in the fields of heritage, culture and tourism,” Secult said in a statement.

A selection of works of art, cheeses and coffee came from the Vice-Governor, the Directorate of Handicrafts at Headquarters, the Secretariat of State (SCC) of Segalt and Civil House and the Government (Chekov). The promotional activity of the Government of Minas Gerais is supported by the Minas Gerais Craft Cheese Association (Amiqueijo) and the Canastra Cheese Producers Association (Aprocan).

Check out the giveaways:

  • Ceramic cheese makers created by artisan Anicia Lima de Sousa and her daughter Sibele from the village of Campo Alegre in Tourmalina. The production of ceramic cheese makers is a tradition in the Jequitinhonha Valley that has grown in popularity in the last ten years. The craftsman uses his own clay modeling technique and hand paints the pieces using mineral-based natural paints.
  • Jua cheeses. They are produced at the Frutuoso Limoeiro farm located in the city of Alvorada de Minas. The sero microbial zone is traditionally recognized for providing a moist, highly acidic cheese.
  • Bingo Two Mula Cheeses. Production is at Fazenda São Tiago Batatas, São Roque de Minas, Serra da Canastra.
  • Rosa da Cidate Cheese. Produced at the homonymous farm in São Roque de Minas, Canastra region.
  • Cafe Campos Altos hails from the town of the same name. Producer Jose Maria (Marimpondo)
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