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Minas Gerais Athletic First Division Team announces the club's transition to SAF |  Sports Club

Minas Gerais Athletic First Division Team announces the club’s transition to SAF | Sports Club

Athletic, who are vying for the elite title in Minas Gerais, announced on Tuesday their switch to Sociedade Anônima do Futebol (SAF), the company’s new model founded in Brazil. V2 Participações will have a 49% stake in the control of football club São João del Rei, which remains 51%.

The partnership took place this Tuesday in Sao Joao del Rey – Photo: Fernanda Trindade / Athletic Club

V2 Participações was set up by entrepreneurs Vinícius Diniz and Victor Felipe Oliveira, mainly to invest in football. According to an official statement from Athletic, the initial focus of the partnership is to make improvements to the club’s infrastructure: the Joaquim Portugal stadium will undergo modernization and a new training center for young players will be built.

Also, according to the statement, since September, the club has held talks with businessmen. Last month, the SAF was submitted by the club and approved by the Board of Deliberations in December. In this way, the team will be run along the lines of the company.

Victor Oliveira and Vinicius Deniz, partners in V2 Participações, who will invest in Athletic – Photo: Fernanda Trindade / Athletic Club

Athletic club president, Leandro Bini, understands that the model will provide the club with a more professional management.

We have high expectations that this new model will make football management more professional, and SAF is the right way to make this happen in Athletic management. I’m sure we chose a good path, which will pay off a lot for our team and fans – said the president.

The Clubs and Corporations Act, which allows the creation of football joint stock companies (SAF) was Punished in August This year by President Jair Bolsonaro. SAF offers incentives to convert football clubs, which are non-profit civic associations, to adopt the corporate model.

Next season, Athletic Elite will compete in the Minas Gerais Championship for the second year in a row. In 2021, Sao Joao del Rey finished the state championship in eighth place and caught the country’s attention when it announced the signing of Uruguayan striker Luco Abreu.

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