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Miley celebrates alternative currency proposal in Argentine province

Miley celebrates alternative currency proposal in Argentine province

“We welcome the competition between provincial currencies,” says the Argentine president about the measure taken by the La Rioja government

Argentine President Javier Miley celebrated the announcement by the government of La Rioja province, northwest of the country, of its intention to issue an alternative currency to the peso.“filling the shortage of resources” faced by the region.

I think during the campaign they treated me like a crazy person because I proposed a scheme that included free exchange rate competition and now they are promoting it“, Miley wrote on Tuesday night (January 16, 2024) on her personal page on X (formerly Twitter).

Please welcome competition between provincial currencies, which, I would stress, unlike the past, will in no way be bailed out by the federal government.“, he announced.

According to the newspaper ClarinLa Rioja Province Governor Ricardo Quintilla said that Miley's government was responsible for the lack of resources to pay the salaries of public sector employees.

The politician claimed that he asked for 9 billion Argentine pesos, but Casa Rosada “He turns a deaf ear to requests and leaves needs aside“Regional.

The currency operates with a percentage in cash and a percentage in securities. The governorate obtains these bonds to pay services, taxes, and fees“, he announced. He did not mention whether the altcoin would be virtual or physical. He also did not mention when it would be released into circulation.

In the X (Twitter previously), Quintela thanked the support for the measure and stated that the initiative would allow “Improving the salaries of workers in public administration and revitalizing the local economy.”.

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Quintela wrote:This is the path we must follow in light of the federal government's lack of response regarding the funds that legitimately belong to the governorate“.