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Meta shuts down Facebook news channel in UK, France and Germany

Meta shuts down Facebook news channel in UK, France and Germany

In the United Kingdom, France and Germany, Meta announced that it will shut down Facebook News, an area dedicated to news content, starting in early December. Mark Zuckerberg’s company says that publishers and portals will continue to have access to their social network accounts and pages, where they regularly publish their article and content links. And It also reinforces that it will honor the commitments and obligations contained in the Facebook News agreements with companies in the three countries.

The company says it’s an effort to better align its investments in internal products and services that people value most. In the end, it’s a cost-cutting move that directs investment toward what users want to watch more on the platform, which highlights short-form videos.. “We know that people don’t come to Facebook for news or political content, but to connect with others and discover new opportunities, interests and passions.”

According to ColeThe Facebook news activity is less than 3% of people worldwide They see it in the social network feed. So it’s a small part of people’s experience.

The decision is not intended to impact Meta’s products and services in these countries, and people will continue to see news links on their walls. Except for the disappearing accumulator area, nothing changes on the platform. The move was more lenient than the one taken in Canada, where Meta decided to remove all news content from Facebook after passing a bill requiring the tech giant. Media, including Google, must pay for all shares made on their sites.

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to News publishers are encouraged to promote their products, generate traffic to their websites, use reels and ad systems, and thus receive 100% of their revenue from Facebook.. But Meta says it will honor the established commitments until the contracts with the three-nation companies expire, but cannot renew or offer products specifically developed for news publishers in the future.

According to you Help pageoh Facebook News is available in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and France. Only in the US and Australia from December.