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Meloni makes ‘blank face’ to greet Macron at G7 dinner;  Video |  world

Meloni makes ‘blank face’ to greet Macron at G7 dinner; Video | world

Melonie feels ‘few friends’ for greeting Macron at G7 dinner

Italy is hosting this year’s edition of the G7 summit. The bloc consists of Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom. Other countries were also invited to participate in the meeting, such as Brazil.

Meloni and Macron are on opposite sides of European politics, with events marked by disagreements between the two governments in recent years. Immigration policy, for example, is one of the issues that has caused a rift between France and Italy recently.

This Friday (14), when welcoming world leaders to the G7 meeting, Meloni expressed her sympathy, including with President Lula. The Prime Minister also spent a good moment with Argentine President Javier Miley.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister and Macron exchanged a few words and soon smiled for a photo next to the Frenchman.

Macron and Meloni during the G7 meeting on Friday (14) – Photography: Reuters/Guglielmo Mangiapane

While Macron and other leaders tried to include the phrase, Meloni demanded that the section be deleted. After the meeting, the French President and the Italian Prime Minister exchanged hints in interviews.

Macron said that there is equality in France between men and women, but this is “not a vision shared by everyone in the political spectrum.”

Meloni stated, without citing the Frenchman, that “it is a grave mistake, in difficult times like these, to launch a campaign [para eleições] “Using an important forum like the G7.”

Meloni receives Macron at the G7 dinner – Photo: Reuters

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