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Meat and raw eggs lose weight?  Beware TikTok’s “Carnivore Diet”.

Meat and raw eggs lose weight? Beware TikTok’s “Carnivore Diet”.

a Tik Tok She has always been known for her dancing and entertainment videos, but the story has changed. The popular social network among young people has become a platform full of tutorials, recipes and tips. One of them is the so-called “Carnivore Diet”. This type of content already has more than 1 billion views and thousands of content has been published.

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Videos on this topic teach people how to eat meat, eggs and butter. It will be the type of lifestyle that promises more health, weight loss, and other benefits. One profile that stands out in Dita Carnivore is the “Liver King”.

On this profile, the creator shows off his nutritional routine. In it, he eats raw meat and eggs in the shell. It sounds crazy, but this is what Tiktok users can see.

The Carnivore Diet: Serious Consequences

Although there is a huge amount of content on the subject, the carnivore diet has its pros and cons. Even if it seems like a healthy thing in some cases, the truth is that no one knows 100% of the routines of the people who produce content on TikTok and other platforms.

Moreover, nutritionists say that drastic changes and diet will have serious consequences for people as well. The habit of eating raw meat, raw eggs in their shell, and butter can lead to nutrient deficiencies. Many vitamins and minerals can only be obtained through the consumption of vegetables.


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One of the highlights of this type of diet is rapid weight loss and high satiety. According to nutritionists, this does happen, because the exclusive consumption of meat, fats and proteins causes an “overload” of the digestive tract. This means that the organism takes longer to metabolize the food, ensuring greater satiety.

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Also, calorie intake can be reduced, as well as the body tends to dehydrate from the lack of carbohydrates.

The dangers of the carnivorous diet

Among the dangers presented, some are very dangerous; like:

Raw meat may contain bacteria, protozoa, and other microorganisms harmful to health;
Consuming raw eggs in the shell can cause a series of illnesses if the ingredient is contaminated;
health problems due to nutrient deficiencies; Among several other factors.
Always follow appropriate advice from a healthcare professional before embarking on an extreme diet such as this one.