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Mauro Cesar: Flamengo's defeat in favor of Grêmio goes 90% at the expense of Renato - 09/20/2021

Mauro Cesar: Flamengo’s defeat in favor of Grêmio goes 90% at the expense of Renato – 09/20/2021

NS flamingo Missed opportunity to avoid getting away from Atletico MG driving Brazilian Championship lost before Syndicate Bor 1 A 0, in the Maracana last night (19), for the 21st round, in a specific match with Miguel Borja’s goal with a header in the first half.

no podcast Ball exercise #162Mauro Cesar Pereira says Flamengo’s defeat could be 90% at the expense of Renato Gaucho because of the way the team behaved after making changes and weighing down Andreas Pereira in the squad. Another aspect noted by the journalist was the fact that the team, again, performed poorly on the eve of the match in the knockout stage. Editors.

“What Renato did was completely inexplicable and unforgivable. First, the way the team behaves in these matches before the Libertadores, against Inter was also before the match with Olympia, the team does not play with intensity and commitment, this is not justification, it is criticism, it seems that the team And the technical staff is not very worried, the Brazilian is secondary, because of the knockouts, which, by the way, the profile of Renato, but at the time of Grêmio there was an agreement between him and the club”, says Mauro.

Flamengo again put in a poor performance, in front of Ciara, he made amazing substitutions at the end, the team ended up thinning, and yesterday’s Flamengo team was in the second half, after the changes, as follows: Isla, Rodrigo Caillou, Leo Pereira, in fact, bad Very, and Rene, with Diego Alves in goal. The midfield was only Aaron and Andreas Pereira, and Aaron came to get the match in the middle of the defenders, so Andreas was completely isolated among the Grêmio players, and had to organize the team,” he adds.

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Mauro points out that Flamengo, under Renato’s leadership, has been able to incorporate positive things into the game, but he has also given up characteristics and started having difficulties in matches where they are at a disadvantage on the scoreboard, which could be worrying for other matches this season. .

“He is always on edge at many moments, in danger and yesterday was a disaster, 90% goes to Renato’s account, Renato has to think and the only chance for Flamengo to change that, I think, is if he talks to more experienced players and players to prove to him that That’s not going to happen. Flamengo has given up his best features for a cool new one, which is knowing how to quickly play with space, but it won’t always show up,” he says. Mauro.

“Yesterday it was 90% in Renato’s account, his picture with his assistant Alexander on the edge of the pitch with that Joel Santana style portfolio was a picture of a flamingo, old, outdated, playing nothing and very poorly used human material,” he adds.

Borja deserves credit for his performance against Flamengo

If the Red and Black team did not perform well in the match, on the other hand, the journalist highlights the merits of Grêmio in his strategy and the performance of Colombian striker Miguel Borja, who scored Grêmio’s winning goal, and despite missing a penalty in the last minutes, was defended by Diego Alves He managed to take risks and annoy the Flamengo players with provocations.

“It was a terrible thing, none of this took away the advantage of Grêmio, who put his strategy in a difficult situation and won the match. Borja deserves a lot of praise, because Borja was in a pile there with Rodrigo Caillou, who had already come from other matches and with Diego Alves, but he He was decisive. He lost a penalty in the end that wasn’t important and that’s also part of it,” says Mauro.

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“Borga did a very good job because he faced the fight, he faced it alone a few times and decided the match on the famous individual defenses of Renato Gaucho, who was already in Portaluplandia yesterday, really in the press conference, saying completely meaningless things, it is unreasonable, and if it is Also, it will be very complicated, because it is very likely that Flamengo will go through this very often, concede a goal and close the opponent.”

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