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“Marumbero”; Father Marcelo Rossi resurfaces “with more force” and the web does not allow the priest to be transformed unnoticed

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Father Marcelo Rossi suffers from depression and uses exercises to get rid of this condition

© Playback / Instagram / @padremarcelorossiFather Marcelo Rossi devoted himself to physical exercises

Father Marcelo Rossi It is a symbol of Christians and the religious leader has undergone some physical transformations in recent years. A while ago, the priest had a difficult period of depression and came to deal with it Anorexia during the stage.

However, everything indicates that Priest is going through a recovery phase, as Rossi has appeared more and more muscular in the past his public appearance. On Friday (10), the clergyman was seen in a mall and Marcelo’s physical appearance was more interesting.

Father Marcelo Rossi faces a battle with depression.

Obviously, the change didn’t go unnoticed by netizens, who immediately commented on Deacon’s muscular size.“Guys, I’m sorry but for a moment I thought it was Luther Parachute Academy“, Advertise the profile.

“The priest of Marumbero you only see in Brazil”And “Do you know what this means? The gym helps a lot of people get rid of depression, it’s getting better.”“,”How happy to see him like this. I was so skinny, I went through Severe depressionI was able to get back on top and it definitely turned into a workout. Great examples of transformation”Some other comments were left to the priest.

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