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Marlon points to Cruzeiro's origins in fighting for the Mineiro and South American titles

Marlon points to Cruzeiro's origins in fighting for the Mineiro and South American titles

Marlon believes that rotation in the team is important so that Cruzeiro has the strength to fight for the Mineiro and Copa Sudamericana titles. Due to the state final, Raposa made his debut with an alternate team in the continental tournament.

On Thursday (4/4), Cruzeiro tied with Universidad Católica 0-0, at the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium in Quito, Ecuador. The “warm” game was played, without any major movements, at 2,850 meters above sea level.

“We are professionals. The moment today (Thursday) was in the Sudamericana Championship, another competition, where some players had the first chances to start the match. Athletes who did not have the necessary playing rhythm were able to start playing and performed very well. “Of course, we will talk Always on the subject of height, but despite this, they appreciated the minutes they spent on the field, gave their best and fulfilled the tactical functions that Nico had previously set,” rated the number 3.

“This is how you create a strong group. This is how you create a group that will compete for the title of champions (Minas Gerais) this weekend and will compete for the Copa Sudamericana title. Realizing that we must play every match as if it were the last. In Cruzeiro you always go in to win and be ready to do as much as possible.

Marlon, Cruzeiro's fullback

Coach Nicolas Larcamon chose Cruzeiro with Rafael Cabral. William, Nerys, Zee Evaldo, and Lucas Villalba; Ramiro, Felipe Machado, Mateus Vital and José Cifuentes; Rafael Elias and Alvaro Barreal.

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Starting from the left wing, Marlon survived the encounter and did not enter the field until the second half. He will return to the starting lineup for the second match of the Mineiro decision, this weekend, against Atletico.

Cruzeiro x Atletico

Cruzeiro and Gallo face each other on Sunday, starting at 3:30 p.m., in Mineirão, in Belo Horizonte. The advantage goes to Raposa, they had their best season in the first stage and just need another draw to be champion. The first match ended with a level score: 2-2 at Arena MRV.