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Mario Gerdez dismisses Brazilians’ lack of support for taxes in an open letter from the super-rich

Mario Gerdez dismisses Brazilians’ lack of support for taxes in an open letter from the super-rich

Lack of Brazilians A list of super-rich people in favor of raising taxes on millionaires, expressed in an open letter to officials attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland last Friday (20), has sparked outrage. “How long will the Brazilian people tolerate this inequality?”, commented the news anchor. Metropolis RadioMario Kertész, this Friday.

“The super-rich, who have a bit of intelligence and vision, know the danger to them if things continue as they are”, he pointed out.

MK also highlighted the inertia and prejudice of a section of the Brazilian middle class who believe they are part of the elite and “think the problem is with quotas and the presence of people wearing sandals at airports” – a fact reinforced by their speech. Former Economy Minister Paulo Guedes asked “How long will more than half of the population live in poverty, while a very small part lives with jets and helicopters?”, he concluded.

See the full open letter and the names of the 206 signatories:

We live in a radical age. rising poverty and rising wealth inequality; the rise of anti-democratic nationalism; extreme weather and environmental degradation; deep vulnerabilities in our shared social systems; And the chances of earning a living wage are diminishing for millions of ordinary people.

Extremes are unbearable, often dangerous, and rarely tolerated for long. So why do you continue to tolerate extreme wealth in this age of so many crises?

The history of the last five decades is a history of wealth flowing only upward. In recent years, this trend has greatly accelerated. In the first two years of the pandemic, the world’s 10 richest people doubled their wealth, while 99% saw their income fall. Billionaires and millionaires have seen their wealth grow by trillions of dollars, while the simple cost of living is now crippling ordinary families around the world.

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Everyone knows the solution. You, our global representatives, need to tax us super rich, and you need to start now.

The current lack of action is worrying. A gathering of “global elites” in Davos to discuss “cooperation in a divided world” is meaningless if you don’t challenge the root cause of division. Preserving democracy and building cooperation requires action now to build fairer economies—not an issue we can leave to our children.

Now is the time to deal with extreme wealth; It’s time to tax the super rich.

There is only so much stress any society can handle, and often only mothers and fathers watch their children starve while the super rich contemplate their growing wealth. The cost of action is much cheaper than the cost of inaction – it’s time to get on with the job.

Get the super-rich to practice, and do it now. This is simple, common sense economics. It’s an investment in our common good and a better future that we all deserve, and we as millionaires want to make that investment.

What – or who – is holding you back?

Marcus Alberg (UK)
Mary Ann (UK)
Mark Ansell (UK)
David Altzull (USA)
William Carman (UK)
Cinda Collins Arsenold (USA)
B. Atkinson (USA)
Peter Backus (UK)
Michael Bartholomew (UK)
Brian Basham (UK)
Mark Baum (USA)
Neil Bentley (UK)
Robert Berkeley (UK)
Stephen Binder (Switzerland)
Adriana Bijringer (Sweden)
Jonathan Bloch (UK)
Jesse Bluethorne (USA)
Jacqueline Boberg (USA)
Rich Boberg (USA)
Ingrid Pratt (UK)
Dana Branfman (USA)
Ian Brownell (USA)
Stephanie Bremer (Germany)
Robert Burnett (USA)
Stella Cecil (UK)
Tom Curran (USA)
Julia Davies (UK)
Alan Davies (USA)
Lewis Davis (USA)
John Dean (USA)
Anne Delaney (USA)
Abigail Disney (USA)
Tim Disney (USA)
John Driscoll (USA)
Eugenie E. (France)
Marlin Engelhorn (Austria)
Ellen Epstein (USA)
Rick Feldman (USA)
Jerry Fidler (USA)
Richard Foose (USA)
Mary Ford (USA)
Patricia Foshee (USA)
L. Lloyd Frates (USA)
Paolo Fracia (UK)
Ernst Fuhrmann (Austria)
Elin Kelson (USA)
Nicole Getty (USA)
Oliver Gilley (UK)
Becky Coachman (USA)
Molly Coachman (USA)
David Green (UK)
Ian Gregg (UK)
Peter Cronen (Netherlands)
Eva Grove (USA)
Ron Gillett (USA)
Jonathan Hallama (France)
Robert Haynes (USA)
Chris Harding (UK)
Diane Hart (USA)
Phyllis Hatfield (USA)
Simon Herrmann (Germany)
Graham Hobson (UK)
Gerd Hofielen (Germany)
Lauren Holmes (UK)
Pierre Hollis Taxis (USA)
Kay Hoogland (USA)
Willem van Horne (UK)
Kimberly Hoover (USA)
Jeff Huggett (USA)
Christina Hugley (USA)
Leah Hunt-Hendrix (USA)
Michael Ilg (Germany)
Diane Eisenberg (UK)
Frank Jernigan (USA)
Camilla Johansson (Sweden)
Christina Johansson (UK)
Melissa Johnson (USA)
Gabriela Kaplan (Denmark)
Gene Kaplan (USA)
Maureen Kennedy (USA)
Gillian Khosla (Scotland)
Leon H. Kilian (Germany)
Mary Alice Grinchick (USA)
Paul Grinch (USA)
Howard Klein (USA)
Robin Klein (UK)
Venkat Krishnan (India)
Anna Lane (USA)
Richard LaRoche (USA)
Abraham Ladiner (USA)
Ulysses Lateiner (USA)
Jean Latenzer (UK)
Peter Latham (UK)
Pieter Leist (Holland)
Dieter Lehmkuhl (Germany)
Lily Lewis (UK)
Wolfgang Loos (Germany)
Richard Mader (USA)
Louisa Mann (UK)
Capel Marianne (USA)
Ane Maro (Denmark)
Nick Marble (UK)
Sophie Marble (UK)
Veronica Marzotto (Italy)
Noah McCormack (USA)
Thomas McDougal (USA)
Gemma McGough (UK)
Mary McKellar (USA)
Terence Meehan (USA)
Maarten Meijnen (Holland)
Silva Michelle Ward (UK)
Renata Minerbo (UK)
Alan Molholm (Germany)
Devika Mokhtarzadeh (UK)
Suzanne Nash (USA)
Julia Needham (UK)
Dave Nixon (USA)
Guglielmo Notre Bartolo (Italy)
Giorgiana Notre Bartolo di Villarosa (Italy)
John O’Farrell (USA)
Ken Olum (USA)
Patricia Palermo (USA)
John Parker (UK)
Bill Parks (USA)
Gary Basson (USA)
Frank Patiducci (USA)
Morris Pearl (USA)
James Perry (UK)
Jennifer Perry (USA)
Barbara Pierce (USA)
Judy Pigott (USA)
Michael Pine (USA)
Erica Pinsky (Canada)
Drew Pomeranz (USA)
Stefan Post (Germany)
Nick Powell (UK)
Margaret Kay Primak (USA)
Stephen Prince (USA)
Catherine Raphael (USA)
Amelie Ratliff (USA)
Elodie Reid (UK)
Doreen Real (USA)
John Rees (USA)
Peter Rees (Germany)
Nancy Reichman (USA)
Nick Robinson (UK)
Sarah Robinson (USA)
Bonnie Rothman (USA)
Michael Rothman (USA)
Mark Ruffalo (USA)
Jonathan Ruka (USA)
Jacqueline Sabra (UK)
Robin Sabra (UK)
Deb Sawyer (USA)
Eric Schoenberg (USA)
Antonis Schwarz (Germany)
Stephen Segal (USA)
Zafar Shalsi (Iran)
Spencer Sherman (USA)
Jonathan Simmons (UK)
James Simon (USA)
Daniel Simon (USA)
Barbara Simons (USA)
Mark Simpson (UK)
Akshay Singhal (UK)
Mary Smith (UK)
Joel Solomon (Canada)
Saskia Solomons (UK)
Alan Salamond (USA)
Mary Stranahan (USA)
Guy Singh-Watson (UK)
Scott Stephens (USA)
Gary Stevenson (UK)
Timothy Stump (UK)
Karen Seale Stewart (USA)
Ralf Sougat (Germany)
Karen Sweet (USA)
Richie Tabachnick (USA)
Eleanor Dew (UK)
Alison Thomas (USA)
Elizabeth Thomas (USA)
Mark Thomas (UK)
Andrew Tobias (USA)
Lili Thomson (Germany)
Mike Thompson (UK)
Diane Trombetta (USA)
Claire Trottier (Canada)
Sylvie Trottier (Canada)
Agneta Trike (Sweden)
Roy Ulrich (USA)
Matthew Burnham (UK)
Dale Vince (UK)
Sabina Vohra-Miller (Canada)
Dale Walker (USA)
Christy Wallace (USA)
Scott Wallace (USA)
Ross Waller (USA)
Diana Wedge (USA)
Sage Veil (USA)
Peter Weinberger (USA)
Richard Wesley (USA)
Bill White (UK)
Carol Winograd (USA)
Terry Winograd (USA)
Bennett Yee (USA)
George Zimmer (USA)

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