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Maranhão will host a meeting of leaders in science, technology and innovation at the Consecti & Confap National Forum

Maranhão will host a meeting of leaders in science, technology and innovation at the Consecti & Confap National Forum

Maranhão will host, from June 14-16, the National Forum Consecti & Confap, which will bring together the heads of 27 Research Support Institutions (FAPs) in Brazil and Ministers of State for Science and Technology from across the country, to discuss sector policies. The Forum takes place in Sao Luis (MA) with programming at Hotel Rio Butte and Hotel Luzeros.

The joint edition of the Forum is organized by the National Council of Trustees for Science, Technology and Innovation (Consecti) and the National Council of State Research Support Institutions (Confap), and participates as partners in the State Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation ( Secti) and the Maranhão Foundation (Fapema) for Scientific and Technological Research and Development, responsible for organizing event, in Sao Luis.

The program of the event includes a lecture by Minister Luciana Santos (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation – MCTI), by the heads of the Funder of Studies and Projects (Finep), the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development is an entity associated with the Ministry. Science, Technology and Innovations to Promote Research in Brazil (CNPq), Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes) and international speakers from the Embassies of Australia, Italy, France and Sweden, among other reference guests in the sector.

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Highlighting the importance of the event, Fapema President Nordman Wall noted that the Consecti & Confap National Forum is an important moment for exchange between FAPs and other science and technology agents. “It will be a moment for dialogue and for us to set national policy strategies between them and the federal government and other national agents, such as companies and international agents to advance scientific research and development and to present what the Maranhão government has done for us,” Wall said.

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The sect’s secretary, Natasia Weiba, emphasized the importance of the event in advancing policies for the sector. “This forum will provide a broad possibility of networking with major national and international institutions, and it will also give us an opportunity to learn about the successful experiences of science and technology secretariats and FAPs. This will be a moment to broaden discussions on promoting scientific research and development, which is fostered in intergovernmental partnerships,” he explained.


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At the pre-opening event, there will be an agenda with the presence of international speakers, in the ballroom of the Rio Poty Hotel, located on Avenida dos Holandeses, Ponta D’areia. Confap President, Odir Dellagostin; President of Fapema, Nordmann Woll; and as guests, Australian Embassy representatives Sophie Davies; Italy, Fabio Narrow; France, Nasser Bobina; and Sweden’s Jacob Poulsen.

Confap collaboration work with the Group for International Cooperation of Brazilian Universities (GCUB); The exchange of international partnerships is also part of the program activities for the event.

On the 15th, in the Hotel Luzeiros, the opening ceremony of the Consecti & Confap National Forum takes place. Invitees: Gov. Carlos Brandao. cult owner Natasia Weiba; Faema President, Nordmann Woll; Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Luciana Santos; the chief of the Consecti, Sílvio Bulhões; Confap President, Odir Dellagostin; Finep President, Celso Pansera; CNPq President, Ricardo Galvao; And the head of “Capese”, Mercedes Bustamante. The day’s agenda also includes lectures, discussions and a presentation of initiatives in the region.

At the end of the forum, on the 16th, in the hall of the Hotel Luzeiros, there will be a meeting of Consecti and Confap; and a series of discussions on scenario and partnerships between STIs and states.

The Head of the Planning Office, Professor Adriana Carvalho, estimates that “the main focus of this important event is to make it possible to develop plans and goals for the development of science and technology, based on the discussions and proposals that will be submitted until they are sent to governments, as a way to become investment policies in this sector.”

A special agenda was planned by a technical visit to HUB Locomotiva, in the Federal Railways Network, Parque 15 de Novembro, Centro, on the 16th; And on the 17th, a trip to the municipality of Santo Amaro in Lençóis Maranhenses. Participants will also be invited to learn about Maranhão culture and cuisine through visits to festivals organized by the Maranhão government.