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Man dies when crocodile attacks him in shed after Hurricane Ida |  Globalism

Man dies when crocodile attacks him in shed after Hurricane Ida | Globalism


A 60-year-old wife tried to save her husband, who could not resist injuries

A 71-year-old man was killed Monday after an alligator attacked his shed in Slidell, Louisiana, in the United States. The place was flooded after Passage of Hurricane Ida

His 60-year-old wife told the police she heard a noise, and upon reaching the shed, she saw her husband being attacked by a crocodile. Police spokesman Captain Lance Vetter told the local newspaper that she then went to get something that could act as a tourniquet to contain the wounds, but when she returned, the man was unconscious and the crocodile tore his arm. In New Orleans News.

With the phone broken by the storm, the woman was unable to call for help. I got on a boat and rowed to higher ground, where I was able to communicate with the mayor. Police investigators said evidence found at the site supports the story, and the man’s body has not yet been found.

Hurricane Ida hit the Louisiana coast on Sunday, with winds of up to 240 km/h, toppling trees and ripping off rooftops.
. On Monday, the US National Weather Service downgraded the hurricane to a tropical storm, with average winds of 155 km/h.

Hurricane Ida destruction trail

On Monday evening, two people were killed and ten others were injured after a section of a highway veered near Lucidal City, Mississippi, United States. The crater was caused by heavy rain that hit the area during the passage of Hurricane Ida

The crater, about 15 meters long and 6 meters deep, was opened on Highway 26, which connects the states of Mississippi and Louisiana. Three of the injured are in serious condition.

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