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Man arrested for trying to board US airport with explosives

A man in his 40s was arrested this week United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) After trying to load explosives in a bag, he tried to board a domestic flight Lehigh Valley International AirportAt PennsylvaniaUS officials said Wednesday.

The explosives were found by agents on Monday Transportation Security Administration (TSA) After the man’s luggage set off an alarm at the airport. “The device was discovered during a routine inspection of checked baggage,” the TSA said in a statement.

Via Video Playback/FBI/Reuters

At the Lehigh Valley International Airport in Pennsylvania, USA, Mark Muffley was suspected of screening luggage with explosives. Photo: Video Playback/FBI/via Reuters
Continues after commercial

The suspect identified as Mark MuffleyHe planned to catch a flight OrlandoAt Florida, but left the airport after being called by the security office. Hours later, on Monday, he was arrested at his home.

During the search at the airport, agents found a circular object about “three inches” (7 cm) in diameter hidden in the lining inside the suitcase. The central police, after examining the device, confirmed that it was a powder explosion similar to that used to burst firecrackers. Two types of wigs were attached to the material, one for short acting and the other for delayed acting.

Via Video Playback/FBI/Reuters

The suspect, identified as Mark Muffley, had planned to catch a flight to Orlando, Florida, but left the airport after being called by security. Photo: Video Playback/FBI/via Reuters

Also in the luggage were butane, a fuel gas, a lighter, two electrical outlets taped together, a cordless drill and a pipe with a white powdery residue, the FBI said.

The American, who is now in prison, faces two counts of trying to smuggle explosives on a plane, which carries a prison sentence of at least 10 years. /AFP and EFE