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Ludmilla buys an apartment worth R.5 million in America

Ludmilla buys an apartment worth R$13.5 million in America

Ludmilla buys a R$13.5 million apartment in Miami

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/Ludmilla

Ludmilla bought an apartment in MiamiIn America, Worth R$ 13.5 millionAccording to the columnist Metropolises Leo Diaz. This Thursday, the 13th, the singer celebrated the acquisition on her Instagram profile.

“Very happy with my new purchase, thank you God,” he wrote in stories on his Instagram profile. “I’ve been dying to tell you this news, guys,” she said.

According to a note sent by Ludmilla’s adviser, the property has large windows with panoramic views of the city and sea. gshow. The property was purchased by Juliana Fernandez, a broker serving artists and celebrities.

A The singer revealed that she was possessed while performing at Coachella, in April this year. Ludmilla kept this information secret and revealed it only this Thursday.

She was the first Afro-Latina woman to sing at the annual festival in California, USA. This year, the event was held over the two weekends of April 12 and 14 and 19 and 21.

Source: Redação Terra

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