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Lost cell phone?  Learn how to track it even when it’s turned off • DOL

Lost cell phone? Learn how to track it even when it’s turned off • DOL

Losing or forgetting a cell phone can be a huge inconvenience, but thanks to some tools and techniques, you can increase your chances of getting it back, even if the device is locked.

If you lose your Android phone, forget where you left it and it dies, don’t worry. First, it is necessary to remain calm and follow some important steps to minimize inconvenience and increase the chances of recovering the device.

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Use Find My Device

Find My Device is your first line of defense when your phone is turned on and connected to the Internet. It allows:

  • Real-time location: See the exact location of your device on a map.
  • Ringtone: Activate a sound on your cell phone to determine your location, even if it’s on silent mode.
  • Remote Lock & Wipe: Lock your device or wipe data remotely to protect your information.

A future update to Find My Device will allow you to track down Android phones that have been turned off. The technology will use a network of devices connected via Bluetooth, such as headphones and other smartphones. Currently, this functionality is in the testing phase and is only available for some models in the Pixel line in the US and Canada.

Samsung smartphone users can rely on “SmartThings Find,” an exclusive feature that provides the ability to track devices that are logged into a Samsung account, even when they are turned off. This tracking remains active for a few hours after a power outage, which may be necessary to restore the device.

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Use Google Maps timeline

If you have location history turned on, Google Maps Timeline can be a valuable tool. Allows you to view the last known locations of your cell phone. This information can be very useful to the authorities.

However, if you suspect that your cell phone has been stolen, it is a good idea to take some security measures such as:

  • Location sharing: Use “Find My Device” to provide authorities with the location of your cell phone.
  • Recording a police report: Go immediately to the police station and record the incident.
  • Don’t try to recover a cell phone alone: ​​prioritize your safety and leave device recovery in the hands of the appropriate authorities.