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Look for armadillos that have lost their tails

Look for armadillos that have lost their tails

Find an armadillo

Image – Montage / Online Series / Reproduction / Canva

Armadillos are hole-digging specialists and belong to the order Cingulata. Noted for their secretive habits, they have physical characteristics that make them true digging masters.

These animals have a bony covering known as the carapace, consisting of leathery plates covered with scales, which form a kind of shield that protects their bodies from attacks by predators.

Its forelimbs are adapted to quickly dig holes in search of food. The armadillo has nocturnal habits and is usually solitary, although it is also found in groups.

They feed on insects such as termites and ants. They can also add small vertebrates, earthworms, frogs, and beetles to their diet. Its tongue is long and sticky to facilitate catching prey.

In addition to digging holes in search of food, they use places as shelter, protecting themselves from other predators. Armadillos can also swim and cross rivers and streams without much difficulty.

Find an armadillo that has lost its tail:

Photo Montage / Online Series / Reproduction / Canva

Can’t find it? See where he is

In the photo above, there are many similar armadillos. However, one of them lost its tail. Try to find it in the shortest possible time and share the test with your friends if you succeed.

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