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London Science Museum rebuilds Stephen Hawking’s office

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He was the most inspiring scientist in the world. His research, photographs and letters are his legacy to the world – and they must be preserved for the nation. His son Tim saw many of them for the first time – including a letter his father wrote to his father when he was six.

Dear Dad- Once upon a time some pirates were loading some treasures. I think he shows some kind of tenderness in his relationship with his father. You know, he had a very loving affair with his father – as I did when I was the age he was when he wrote the letter.

Here he is as a student. Motor neuron disease has weakened his body – but not his mind. These are his most important scientific papers on black holes – which have such a strong gravitational pull – that not even light can escape from them. His script from The Simpsons is also an important part of the collection.

Dr Jessica Gardner – Librarian, University of Cambridge

He had a tremendous sense of humor. It comes from interviews people have seen through this profile, willing to be on The Simpsons, to let in some fun – if what it does is help communicate about science.

Balab Ghosh – BBC correspondent

The contents of Stephen Hawking’s desk will be transferred to the Science Museum in London. Most famous of all is his wheelchair – a symbol of the physical challenges he faced, as well as the strength and determination he had to overcome them.

The ultimate goal is to completely rebuild his office.

Sir Ian Blatchford – Director of the Science Museum

There are very few scientific spaces left. So having Stephen’s desk actually is great because it’s exceptional – but it sends a big, powerful message about the standing of science, too.

Future generations will now be able to learn about the life and work of a man who inspired us with his brilliance, courage and humanity.

did you understand?

Where will Stephen Hawking’s office move?

His office will be moved to the Science Museum in London.

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