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LIVE: Follow AeroFlu for Marcelo’s arrival at Fluminense | globoesporte / soccer / teams / Fluminense

President Mario Bittencourt reported that Fluminense would do everything possible to get Marcelo registered in Carioca. To be able to play in the semi-finals and then in a possible final, the team must be registered by Friday (10/03).

What I can guarantee is that if he has all the potential to score, he will score because Marcelo Benha never fails. We will do everything to score it – Mario told Lance!

8 minutes ago

See what Gabriel Amaral, the “A Voz da Torcida” no-gi trio, thought of Fla-Flu last Wednesday.

“Pirani’s Fla-Flu” celebrates Gabrielle | crowd sound

35 minutes ago

Marcelo’s flight, arriving from Madrid, arrives at 11:10 am in Rio de Janeiro. He will greet fans in the main hall of Galeão. The big party will take place on Friday, starting at 6:30 pm, in the Maracanã. There will be a presentation by Filipe Ret and a presentation by the Pavilion. Read here all about Marcelo’s arrival

40 minutes ago

Until the arrival of Marcelo, how about reviewing the goals of the 2-1 win over Flamengo?

Flamengo 1 x 2 Fluminense – goals – Round 11 of the 2023 Carioca Championship

46 minutes ago

Tricolor Good morning! We started broadcasting to accompany Marcelo’s landing at Galeão Airport in Rio de Janeiro. The winger returns to Fluminense after his departure at the end of 2006.

1 hour ago

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