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Learn the trick that can hide your name on WhatsApp

Learn the trick that can hide your name on WhatsApp

By default, the file The WhatsApp It leaves some of its users’ data exposed on the messaging platform. But the good news is that there are features that can hide some of them.

If a stranger starts a conversation with you and calls you by name, know that it is very likely that your profile is available. Usually, these situations occur when we are in groups with many people.

So, if you are looking for more privacy, learn how to hide your name in and out of a WhatsApp group.

Learn to hide your name on WhatsApp

When we access the profile of a group we are a member of The WhatsApp, even people we haven’t saved are among the contacts we can select. This is because the person’s name is available to any Messenger user.

If you don’t want this to happen to you, know that it is possible to protect your data inside and outside WhatsApp groups and even hide your name. The procedure can bring more security that you can not even imagine.

It turns out that people with bad intentions can find out your name and add your number to their phone book with the intent of implementing scams in the future. So it is important that you know how to hide your name on the messaging platform.

Step by step on how to hide name on WhatsApp

See how to hide your name on The WhatsApp And protect yourself from blows. Check step by step:

  1. Open Google and enter the code: Unicode U + 2800;
  2. Then, click on the first search result;
  3. Now copy the empty space;
  4. Paste what was copied into the “Edit” space of your WhatsApp username;
  5. To finish the procedure, click “Save”.
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What’s new in WhatsApp

It will not be necessary to wait for a less crowded time to leave your groups, the new WhatsApp option should ensure more freedom of action, as members will not be able to see the action.

The new option will only allow the admin to see who has left the respective group. In this way, WhatsApp intends to terminate “that person left” in the group, and notify other users.

Additionally, the messenger has launched the option to disable the Online status in the app. It is worth noting that there are many updates happening in the messenger, however, those who have the latest version of WhatsApp can already enjoy the news.

This feature, in practice, can make your profile more confidential, making it anonymous to other users of the app. To disable the status, go to the Settings tab and select Privacy changes. Before changing the status, choose from the options: “Nobody” in “Last Seen”.

Once this is done, simply click on the “Online” option so that the system understands the hiding mechanism. This is a way for the messenger to declare that he is committed to his users, and fulfills their requests. If the features are still not available to you, please try to update your app.

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