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Learn how to record audio on Whatsapp to listen before sending

The trick can come in handy for those who like to listen to what they have recorded via a voice message before sending it to a contact.

Messaging app users The WhatsApp The recorded audio can be listened to before sending it to a contact. This way, anyone who has recorded an audio message, and wants to review it for the authenticity of the content, can listen to it without much effort.

The instructions are simple and done right in the chat app. Although it is a file the trickNotably, the launch of this functionality is already in the company’s plans. In the meantime, just follow the steps below from How to listen to the audio on WhatsApp before sending.

  1. With the cell phone in hand, join the conversation with the contact who wants to send WhatsApp audio.
  2. Once you’re done, tap the microphone icon next to the field where typed messages are sent. Then the recording starts Swipe your finger up until you reach the lock icon to lock the shipment. Recording will continue without having to hold down the record button;
  3. After you are done with what you want to say, do not go to the submit button;
  4. Quickly tap on the phone’s home screen, it can either be the home button on the navigation bar or just swipe up. It all depends on the configuration of your smartphone.
  5. Once you’re done, go back to the conversation on WhatsApp. You will see that the recording is stopped, but it is still stored in the conversation window.
  6. Press the play icon to play the audio and verify that the information is correct.

ready! Listen to the message and press the send button, represented by the kite icon. The sound will be sent to the contact. If you prefer to delete it, just tap on the trash can icon present in the right corner.

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