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Learn how to read deleted messages on WhatsApp

Learn how to read deleted messages on WhatsApp

Hey WhatsApp It is a tool used not only for personal dialogues, but also for business issues. There are frequent updates to this app, eg the possibility Delete sent messages.

This configuration is intriguing to some users, but this problem can be solved in a simple way. Learn how to read deleted WhatsApp messages in an easy way!

The trick teaches you how to read deleted messages on WhatsApp

Being one of the most used apps around the world, WhatsApp is always searching all over the world updatesImplement improvements for users.

Since its inception, the app has various tools to improve its users’ experience. But some changes, while initially generating positive interest, may over time be seen as uninteresting.

An example of this is the ability to delete messages. Although this was the desire of many, especially when content was sent to the wrong contact or the message aroused some remorse, this is currently a reason for discussion among people.

This is because the conversation indicates when the content will be deleted, which can cause problems for curious people who receive it. However, there is a simple way to solve this problem: access the cell phone settings.

Step by step to read deleted messages in messenger

It should be noted that this possibility can only be implemented on devices that have a system from Android 12. Check out the step by step below:

1. Go to the cell phone settings and select the “Notifications” option.

2. Then go to the “Advanced Options” window.

3. In this part, you will have access to Notification History. If it is not activated, just select the option to turn it on. In this item you can see all the content that was recently received on the device. look:

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Photo: Image courtesy of Techmesto/Reproduction

Remember that all available content is from the last 24 hours and that this resources It can also be used to identify all the apps from which you have received a notification.