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Learn how to get the benefits of EA FC 24 by playing FIFA 23

Learn how to get the benefits of EA FC 24 by playing FIFA 23

The Squad Building Challenges available in FIFA 23 can give you a head start in EA FC 24. Players need to complete three missions within the current game, thus unlocking card packs and more rewards for the next game, which will be released on September 29th.

Performing these tasks is very simple and we will explain to you step by step. First, go to Ultimate Team and access the DMEs tab.

  • Look for the Nova Era DME;

  • To complete it, it is necessary to present a full set of bronze rarity athletes;
  • Try to complete the process three times;
  • Now go back to the Ultimate Team main menu and go to the Objectives tab;
  • Find the tab labeled “New Era”

EFC 24 FIFA 23

  • You will have access to 3 groups of 10 players over the age of 85 to use in FIFA 23;

The rewards for EA FC 24 will be as follows:

Win the New Era Pack in Ultimate Team next year. Contains a rare 2 player Gold Pack, a 5-match Loan Basic Champion Pack, and a Coin Booster.

On the eve of release, EA FC 24 will be playable on TGS

The Tokyo Game Show will be the stage for many EA FC 24 games. The day before the early access release, show attendees will be able to try out the game as part of the convention’s attractions. Learn more here!

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