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Learn about the three services that bring in the most money for auto repair shops

Learn about the three services that bring in the most money for auto repair shops

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Mechanics are amazing: 3 services that generate the most profit for workshops

Many drivers only visit a mechanic shop when a serious problem appears with the car, but they rarely carry out regular checks or simpler services. However, according to a survey conducted by Mecanizando, this is not the reality for most car owners.

Basic inspection and regular maintenance are among the three most requested services in auto repair shops in São Paulo, according to data from the startup that connects these institutions and auto parts suppliers with customers. The third most common request is the replacement of parts due to natural wear.

The published results are based on the company's own data, collected in cooperation with partner workshops. Based on the research, the startup listed the most in-demand services and was able to identify the main needs of drivers in São Paulo.

“This also allows the company to adjust its business strategy to meet the ever-changing demands of the automotive sector, providing customized solutions that add value to both repair shops and end customers,” said Ian Faria, CEO of Mecanizando.

According to him, maintenance is essential for traffic safety. He added: “By taking proper care of their vehicles, drivers can ensure safe and reliable driving on the streets and roads of the city that never sleeps.”

The 3 most important services required in workshops

  1. Replacement due to normal wear and tear

Replacing parts and components that have reached the end of their life is one of the main demands of mechanics, especially systems such as brakes. “Changing brake pads and discs regularly is essential to keeping the vehicle and passengers safe,” explains Faria.

  1. Review the basic elements
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Checking and changing the oil or oil filter and replacing the air filter are among the most common activities in workshops. Regular maintenance is essential to prevent mechanical problems, in addition to ensuring the safety of the vehicle's occupants.

“In a crowded city like São Paulo, drivers understand the importance of keeping their cars in perfect working order,” the executive said.

  1. Mileage related maintenance

The third most requested service in workshops is regular maintenance related to the mileage of the vehicle, which usually covers long distances every day on the streets of São Paulo. To prevent mechanical breakdowns, drivers replace items such as timing belts and spark plugs.