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Lawyer: Government proposal to raise middle-class taxes |  Policy

Lawyer: Government proposal to raise middle-class taxes | Policy

The correction of the personal income tax schedule announced by the government today will not bring, for most taxpayers, sufficient benefits to offset the loss at the end of the simplified deduction. That’s what Elizabeth Liberucci, partner at the law firm Lewandowski Liberucci, evaluates. “In order to raise taxes on the middle class in context,” he said.

I compared how rents are taxed today, how they would be taxed if the government’s proposal was passed, and what it would be if the simplified discount was applied every month, not just once a year. I concluded that the third option is more useful.

For an income of R$5,000, for example, the tax is currently R$505.64. With the corrected table, it would be R$378.75. If the simplified deduction is monthly, even without the correction, the tax will be R$263.87. Income of R$7,000, currently taxable at R$1,055.64, would pay R$913.75 with the corrected schedule. With the monthly simplified, you would collect R$671.69.

He admitted that for those who do not use the simplified deduction, the correction of the table is useful. However, a full tax return is typically used by high-income taxpayers. For the 60% of advertisers using the simplified discount, the government’s proposal brings an “undeniable” increase in the burden, he said.

He believes that the correction in the schedule proposed by the government is a partial application of the simplified monthly discount. However, to the detriment of taxpayers.

a Values He questioned the Internal Revenue Service and waited for an answer.