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Kate Middleton stuns onlookers with stunning piano performance – Metro World News Australia

Not only does Kate Middleton have secret singing skills, but she is also an amazing pianist. over the end Eurovision Song Contest 2023a music festival in Liverpool, UK, the Princess of Wales surprised viewers with a video of her playing the instrument with great skill.

The performance was posted on the official account of the princess on Instagramwith the caption reading: “#Eurovision surprise [emoji de piano]. It’s my pleasure to join @kalush. official In a special presentation by last year’s winner at eurovision. Enjoy the show, Liverpool.”

In the 2022 contest, the winning song was “Stefania” by the popular Ukrainian rap group Kalush Orchestra. In the video, we see the Princess of Wales playing the song’s melody on the piano, while a backing track plays in the background.

In the comments, fans showed their full enthusiasm. One user wrote: “What an amazing surprise. I spat out all my tea.” While another true fan commented, “Just when I thought she couldn’t be more perfect.” The princess even received a message from the co-host of This morningHolly Willoughby, who wrote, “Well, that’s cool.”

this year , Eurovision Song Contest Held in Liverpool, UK. Traditionally, the winner of the previous competition would host the ceremony the following year, but Ukraine was unable to host due to security concerns stemming from the Russian invasion of the country. Thus, Kate Middleton paid tribute to the nation.

At the 2023 festival, the winner was the Swedish singer Lauren on her waytattoo. Lauren previously won the competition in 2012, and this victory made her the second artist and the first artist to win the competition twice.

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