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Juan Guaidó crosses the Colombian border on foot to summit Venezuela, but is forced to leave the country | world

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó on December 6, 2022 – Photo: Reuters/Gabe Ora

After claiming to have crossed the Colombian border on foot, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó had to leave the country, Agence France-Presse reported in the early hours of Tuesday (25). In a social network, Guaidó said he had gone to the country because of a summit about Venezuela.

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Agence France-Presse had previously reported that Guaido was not invited to the summit, which will be held in Bogota, and that he had made a “surprise trip”. An opposition source confirmed to the agency that the leader was forced to leave the country.

The Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a statement stating that Guaidó was in Bogota illegally.

“In the afternoon, @MigracionCol transported Mr. Juan Guaido, a Venezuelan who was unlawfully present in Bogotá, to El Dorado Airport to check his departure on a commercial airliner to the United States, during the night,” the statement reads.

The chancellery also said that Guaido had already bought the ticket. “Immigration in Colombia is vigilant so that this journey can take place without delay,” he concluded.

Minutes later, Guaido released a video in which he said he was leaving Colombia due to threats from Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro against him and his family. According to the opponent, the threats “spread to Colombia.”

Before leaving Colombia, until Tuesday (24), Guaidó published a statement on social networks talking about his trip to the country. The opponent stated that he would request a meeting with international delegations.

“I hope the summit will ensure that the Maduro regime returns to the negotiating table in Mexico and agrees to a credible timetable for free and fair elections,” he wrote.

dispute in Venezuela

Currently, Venezuela’s opposition is organizing to select a candidate who can take on Nicolás Maduro in the 2024 presidential election.

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