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John Kennedy says he was sure of Fluminense’s comeback against Inter: ‘It was very quiet’ |  Fluminense

John Kennedy says he was sure of Fluminense’s comeback against Inter: ‘It was very quiet’ | Fluminense

One of the names Fluminense In qualifying for the Conmebol Libertadores final, John Kennedy took part in the Seleção Sportive match on Friday and talked about the turnaround against Internacional in Beira Rio. Frankly, the striker stated that he entered the field calmly knowing that Flo would turn the game around.

JFK says he’s sure Fluminense will turn around: ‘It was very quiet’

– I was very calm and very focused on us being on the bench to come in or continue to develop the team or improve the team or change the game. I was happy, I was able to help the team turn the game around, and the team was also very clear that they would be able to turn the game around, they were very calm about it, and the bench was there for that. To always try to change the game, try to come in and help the team.

John Kennedy shines again in the knockout stage of the CONMEBOL Libertadores

John Kennedy also responded to the change in behavior off the field. For him, the maturity was reflected in the matches.

Internacional x Fluminense: JFK – Photography: Gustavo Garcia

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Going to the railway at the beginning of the year

– I went to play, as I said, in order to regain my self-confidence, in order to resume football, which I committed to some time ago, and in order to give myself the confidence to return to the field. FluminenseObviously, try to continue the season. I think it was very important for me, and it helped me a lot, and I think that was the beginning of the farming for today, as I see that it was very important that we reap the benefits of this and continue to farm to reap more good fruits.

Kano and John Kennedy – Photography: Gustavo Garcia

– It’s like training, going on, and I caught a little bit of his movements, a little bit of the match. Deniz also always asked to watch him (Kano) play more often, so that at some point we can play together. And I did that, I paid attention to his movements, the way he played, the way he positioned himself, so that when we played together, it would not be a mistake, but a success. We managed to get along well. So he helped me in the match, and I was able to help him as well.

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