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Jema supports reforms in Brazil at event for US businessmen

Jema supports reforms in Brazil at event for US businessmen

The governor advocated the need for reforms to generate economic growth and income in the country

Credit: André Cruz/MG Press

At an event for businessmen held yesterday in New York, USA, Governor Romeu Gema (Novo) defended the progress of the country’s important reforms. The delegate pointed out that Brazil is losing relevance on the international stage.

Governor Romeu Gema was one of the panelists at the Light Brazil Investment Forum conference, an event that brings together North American and Brazilian businessmen to build business in Brazil.

Gema presented the challenges of major reforms and Brazil’s attractiveness for new international businesses. In addition, he emphasized that the country’s development is directly linked to the implementation of important reforms, and in recent years, according to the governor, Brazil began to lose representation and relevance in the international arena.

“40 years ago, we represented 4% of the world economy, today we are only 2.3%, and we have a downward trend. We need tax reform; administrative, to give more rationality to the public machinery; and political reform, to improve our representation”, he enumerated.

On the other hand, the public administration in Minas Gerais, according to Romeu Zema, is already breaking this logic and occupying strategic positions with technocrats.

“This has proven to be a wise decision because, since 2019, Minas has attracted BRL 315 billion in private investments, and the state’s economy has grown at a faster pace than Brazil, increasing its share in the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) , from 8.8% in 2018 to 2022. It will be 9.3%,” he said.

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The governor explained that for a public company to be successful, it must spend less than it collects. “We will continue in this direction in the second term as well. We will not make any major changes. Our desire is to deepen these improvements that we have already won”, he assessed.

Among the main results achieved in the last four years, GEMA highlighted 15 projects in the concession area that inject R$ 20 billion into the economy of Minas Gerais. Efforts to expand tax simplification and reduce red tape will increase legal certainty, attract more investment and diversify the state’s economy, he said.

Photovoltaic power generation is an example. Today, Minas has already broken ground on 5 GW solar power house. Companies in E-commerceLogistics, beverages and home appliances are also on the list, the state government said.

To meet the labor demand, the government of Minas Gerais created the Trilhas de Futuro program, which provides free technical training in a variety of activities.

The chief executive also highlighted that Minas Gerais has the largest number of federal universities, with a total of 12 units, and is served by the country’s major highways and railways.

INVESTORS – The governor met on Monday (8) with executives of Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), an investment fund focused on businesses in the infrastructure and energy sectors, with more than 500 major investors.

Currently, the fund has businesses in the US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Italy and Switzerland across renewable energy, airports, railways, ports, health and hygiene sectors. Information Center.

The governor explained that the GIP’s areas of action are in line with the administration’s strategic plans, such as the privatization of Minas’ main economic industries and road concessions and Cemig, Gasmig, Copasa and Codemig.

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Gema also highlighted the work undertaken by the Secretariat to simplify and reduce bureaucracy for those who decide to invest in the state. “We want to be an easy state to invest in. Instead of a hostile environment like in the past, Minas now has a favorable environment for business”, he said. (With information from Minas Agency)

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