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“I’ve always appreciated life, and now I appreciate it so much more,” Tony Ramos says after two brain surgeries.

“I’ve always appreciated life, and now I appreciate it so much more,” Tony Ramos says after two brain surgeries.

Tony Ramos in his latest TV series on Globo, “Terra e Paixão”

Photo: Manuela Melo/Globo

“I’ve always appreciated life, and now, after what happened, I appreciate it so much more.” Tony Ramos said amazingfrom Rede GloboThis Saturday, 25 – one day after his release from the second brain surgery he underwent.

The 75-year-old actor has been hospitalized since May 16 due to a subdural hematoma (intracranial bleeding). He was discharged from Samaritano Botafogo Hospital in Rio de Janeiro on Friday morning, the 24th of this month.

During his time in the medical unit Globo veteran He had to undergo two brain surgeries. On Saturday the 18th, he was discharged from the hospital Intensive treatment center It was converted to the semi-condensing unit. But on Sunday the 19th, he developed clotting complications that led to the formation of new cells Intracranial hematomas The need to implement a new procedure.

“Report this to Samaritano Hospital Tony Ramos He underwent a subdural hematoma drainage procedure by Dr. Paulo Niemeyer’s team yesterday 16/05. A new CT scan of the skull was performed this morning, 05/17, and showed marked improvement. The previous medical statement said that Tony is breathing without the help of devices, and his condition is clear and stable.

In the last bulletin before discharge, the hospital team already stated that the actor is “in the rehabilitation process with physical therapy,” and is stable and walking.

Tony Ramos It is one of the largest dramaturgies in Brazil. In 2024, he completed 60 years of his career, including 46 years Earth. His last work was a television series Earth and passionWhere he shared scenes with Gloria Pires. The plot ended in January this year, and now that he has recovered, he must return to work What we only know together, a play in which he performs with Dennis Fraga in São Paulo. With Tony Ramos hospitalized, performances have been postponed due to the show’s production.

Source: Redacao Terra

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