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It’s set!  Woman steals carrots during ‘live’ newspaper

It’s set! Woman steals carrots during ‘live’ newspaper

A clever lady thought no one was watching her, but there was a live broadcast as she stole carrots from a kiosk at Feira dos 23, in Coimbra, northern Portugal.

“Look at the carrot! Today is free”: Were there any other vegetables in the old thief’s bag?

Photo: Coimbra News / Reproduction

A reporter for “Notícias de Coimbra” was interviewing one of the stall owners when the woman, in the background of the photo, approached a box of carrots, sorted the best of them, put it in her bag and left quietly. There were no vendors nearby.

The green thief even noticed the presence of the newspaper crew (she even looked at the camera), but was not afraid. Carrots from soup included without spending 1 euro. Many people who followed the “live broadcast” echoed the funny scene on social networks.

“A little more and you’ll run out of carrots,” one quipped. “Stealing for food is not a sin,” one Facebook user joked. One netizen commented: “I wonder if they are organic islands?” He posted many vegan emojis to make fun of her.

The scene of the impudent lady, who is now famous not only in that gallery but among millions of Portuguese, can be seen from one minute of the video in this post.

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