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“It was so painful,” the Brazilian says of the layoffs on Twitter

Twitter started on Friday (4) A Global wave of layoffs and temporary office closures. The change, which also affects the company’s headquarters in Brazil, comes days after businessman Elon Musk (owner of Tesla and SpaceX) Formalize the purchase of the company With an approximate value of US$44 billion.

“We just received a regular message this morning that our access has been suspended. We know what that means, but we haven’t officially received the news. […]. All this causes a great shock.” tilt Brazilian Twitter employee. She requested anonymity in the article.

“Everyone I know has been fired,” said the professional, who knew her team had been disbanded but was not yet sure if she had been fired from the company. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the Twitter office in Brazil closed,” he added. Right now, the employee and his other colleagues are in an information quandary.

Brazilian national team The social network has about 150 people – In the home office, most of them couldn’t sign in to on your computers and Email messages Companies to work this morning. It is estimated – at the moment – that only about 30 Brazilians have not been laid off.

tilt I learned that some Brazilian professionals who work for Twitter in other countries – such as England – have also been fired from the company today.

One of the areas affected appears to be the platform’s content regulation, whose role is, for example, the selection and organization of posts and live broadcasts for Highlight it in a moment (current topics).

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Outside of Brazil, it is also possible to see reports – on Twitter itself – of laid-off engineers. wanted by tiltTwitter has not positioned itself yet.

The employees have been in the dark since Musk took office

According to the interviewee, since taking the position, Musk has had no direct contact with employees in the Brazilian office. “Everything we know came from the press. He was the closest we knew. US office entry sink. “

The Brazilian points to a video posted by the billionaire showing him holding a sink with the caption “Let this sink in” – a common expression meaning something like “Time to take a dip”; The word “sink” means sink.

In the run-up to former CEOs Jack Dorsey and Parag Agrawal (who was recently fired by Musk), it was different. “[Eles] They were very open minded leaders. We can even talk to them via email or Slack,” the Brazilian recalls.

Why did Twitter decide to dismiss the general?

Elon Musk has already indicated that layoffs will occur in the face of the purchase. It is estimated that about 3,700 professionals have been laid off. This number represents half of the company’s workers – nicknamed “The Singers”.

The argument is to cut costs and impose a new work ethic, according to information from Reuters news agency, which has access to Twitter’s internal plans.

Perhaps one of the goals in this strategy is the content moderation team. The billionaire is a defender of what he calls ‘Freedom of expression’ at all costs.

“Entire teams, including the team that I was a part of, will be abolished. Not only in Brazil, but all over the world”, confirms the Brazilian.

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News of the shutdown started to take shape around 9pm (Brazilian time) yesterday (3). In an email sent to employees, Twitter said it will reduce its global workforce today[4)[4)

Employees who remain employees will simply receive a message about new hires in their company accounts. Others will be notified of the dismissal in their personal emails. This controversial procedure has generated great expectations and worry.

During the night, several accesses were abruptly rescinded – computers, emails and badges, according to reports from fired professionals and from the foreign press. The same company said offices will be closed on Friday.

Through Twitter itself, several former employees are sharing their frustrations, thanks to the teams and venting about their layoffs through the hashtag: #one team (one team) and #LoveWhereYouWorked (Love where you work).

Watch some Brazilians: