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It was Harry's statement about Meghan that put Prince Charles to sleep - Metro World News Brasil

It was Harry’s statement about Meghan that put Prince Charles to sleep – Metro World News Brasil

Prince Harry surprised the British royal family after issuing a statement complaining about the press’ approach to Meghan Markle. This happened in 2016, when they were still dating. This information was revealed in the documentary “Princes and the Press”, which was broadcast on British television last November, on the BBC.

Harry reportedly released a statement about the press snooping and harassment of the ex-actress just days after revealing their relationship.

In testimony to a BBC documentary on journalism in the royal family, royal journalist Robert Jobson was with Prince Charles at the time of Harry’s announcement and Charles’ aides promised the Sunday Express an exclusive interview about his trip to the Middle East.

“It all went out the window because Harry made this big statement to the press and their treatment of Meghan was outrageous,” said Robert Jobson.

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Prince Charles, Prince William and the Queen condemned the documentary “Princes and the Press” in a rare joint statement issued to the press last November.

Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Place have released a rare joint statement in response to the Hello! documentary. Magazine: “A free, responsible and open press is vitally important to a healthy democracy. However, it is often exaggerated and unfounded allegations from unnamed sources that are presented as fact and it is disappointing that someone, including the BBC, would give them credibility” . The joint note represents the Queen and Princes Charles and William. The Royal Family must file a collective complaint with the UK’s media regulator Ofcom.

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