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It is possible to turn off the Internet only from Whatsapp: Learn how

Who subscribes to the package? Mobile Internet, knows that even without actively using a cell phone, data consumption ends up happening. This is due to real-time message and information updates and apps running in the background. Given this issue, people often notice when a notification appears: “You have used up 80% of your data package.”

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By setting the alert, it is possible to quickly check that certain activities, such as browser searches, have been restricted. Broadcasts stop working and media does not update quickly. Among the solutions, stop calling only WhatsApp, avoid excessive spending, and avoid not focusing when looking at conversations in the app all the time.

If you follow then follow step by step to learn how to turn off internet from WhatsApp only

On Android phones

Step 1: Go to “Settings”.

Second Step: Then click on “Connections”.

Step 3: Select the “Data usage” option.

Step 4: Choose the “WhatsApp” application.

Step 5: Disable the “Allow background data usage” feature.

On iOS smartphones

Step 1: Go to “Settings”.

Second Step: Click on “Mobile”.

Step Three: Drag the slider and choose the “Cellular Data” option.

Step 4: Disable the “WhatsApp” option.

Either way, it’s possible to apply the same instructions to apps that tend to send a lot of notifications, and spend data in an exaggerated way. This still ensures that you can save on battery consumption if you have a lot of features installed.