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Israeli player remembers Hamas hostages after goal and is detained in Türkiye |  International football

Israeli player remembers Hamas hostages after goal and is detained in Türkiye | International football

Sagiv Gehezkel, the 28-year-old Antalyaspor striker, performed a goal celebration that led to the termination of his contract and the opening of a criminal investigation and led to his arrest in Turkey. He is an Israeli, and remembers that 100 days have passed since the Hamas attack on his homeland. This action was widely condemned by the Turks, who support the Palestinian side in the conflict.

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Sagiv scored the goal in a 1-1 draw with Trabzonspor, in the Turkish Championship. He ran past the photographers and pointed to a message on the sign on his wrist: “100 days 7/10.” In English, it remembers the 100 days since the attack on October 7 last year. The Israeli hostages are still being held by Hamas.

Sagiv Jehezkel, the Israeli Antalyaspor player, celebrates a goal and remembers the 100th day since the Hamas attack on Israel – Photo: Disclosure/Antalyaspor

The social media networks affiliated with Antalyaspor Club published the photo and celebrated Sagiv’s goal. But after the match, the photo was deleted, and the club issued a statement from President Sinan Boztepe. The manager announced the termination of the contract with the Israeli striker.

– I noticed with sadness and surprise that Sagiv Gehezkel acted against the principles of Antalya, Antalyaspor and our country. The immediate post after the goal was shared on our club's official accounts, and the problem was immediately noticed. have been cancelled. I would like the public to know that I will not allow such behavior,” the Antalyaspor president said.

Fanatek, a sports newspaper, and Cumhuriyet reported that local police arrested Jezkel on charges of “inciting the public to hatred and hostility.” Turkish Justice Minister Yilmaz Tunç published a message on social media in which he announced the opening of an investigation against the former Antalyaspor player.

The Antalya Public Prosecution Office has opened a judicial investigation against Israeli footballer Sagiv Jehezkel on charges of “publicly inciting the public to hatred and hostility” due to his ugly actions in support of the massacre committed by Israel in Gaza after the goal scored in the Antalyaspor vs. Trabzonspor match. I once again condemn the attacks launched by Israel, which has committed crimes against humanity by committing genocide in Gaza, regardless of children or women, young or old, for more than 100 days. We will always continue to support the persecuted Palestinians.

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