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Israel urges countries not to send aid to starving residents of Gaza

Israel urges countries not to send aid to starving residents of Gaza

São Paulo – Israel launched attacks against South Africa before the International Court of Justice. Benjamin Netanyahu's Zionist regime asks the international community not to issue emergency orders to increase humanitarian aid to Gaza. In this way, they classify aid work as something “morally repugnant.”

in document In its submission to the UN court, which became public yesterday (19), Israel claims that it “has a genuine concern for the humanitarian situation and for the lives of innocent people, as demonstrated by the actions it has taken and is taking” in Gaza during the conflicts. . However, the reality is different. More than 31 thousand Palestinians were martyred, most of them civilians. Of these, more than 60% are women and children.

Thus, Israeli lawyers strongly deny accusations of intentionally causing human suffering in the Strip. They also claim that South Africa's repeated requests for additional measures constitute an abuse of due process. The document confirms that South Africa's accusations, in its request to take new measures on the 6th of this month, “are completely unfounded in fact and law, are morally repugnant and represent an abuse of both the Genocide Convention and the court itself.”

Genocide in Gaza

This new exchange of data between the two parties is part of the process that South Africa has taken to the International Criminal Court. The state accuses Israel of committing state-led genocide in Gaza following the October 7 Hamas attacks.

In January, the International Criminal Court ordered Israel to refrain from any actions that could be included in the global agreement criminalizing the crimes in question, the so-called Genocide Convention. Moreover, it ensured that its forces did not commit acts of genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

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Israel continues to deny any intention to target Palestinian civilians, saying its only goal is to neutralize Hamas. But aid agencies say aid to Gaza's 2.3 million people faces severe restrictions.

The ICJ's emergency measures are temporary injunctions, designed to prevent a situation from escalating before the court can review the entire case, a process that often takes years.

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