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Isabella Scherer reveals the twins' names, but vent: 'We're afraid to change our mind' - Entertainment

Isabella Scherer reveals the twins’ names, but vent: ‘We’re afraid to change our mind’ – Entertainment

Isabella Scherer and Rodrigo Calazanz She actually chose the names of the twins, the actress and cook revealed.

The actress and chef, who is about to enter her seventh month of pregnancy, said in an interview with the Poddelas podcast that it wasn’t easy coming up with the final names.

“I think this is the hardest of all. [escolher os nomes]. First, we made lists of names we liked, then I always wanted Gaia, but it’s his mother’s dog’s name, so it didn’t. Another name we loved was Noah, which is my dad’s dog name, and it didn’t happen either,” explained Chuxa, daughter of swimmer and former commentator Fernando Shearer.

The young woman then revealed the final names chosen after many conversations: “At the moment, my name is Mel and Pinto, but we are afraid to change our mind. In fact, he is afraid to be born and not look like Mel or Pinto, but we like her. I even spoke to Rodrigo. That if we change now, it seems that the character will change, and that others will be born.”

During the conversation, she said that the couple were doubly surprised, because she did not expect to be pregnant, let alone twins, since there is no case in her family or in the Rodrigo family.

According to Isabella, the pregnancy was discovered on a trip to the United States. The actress and chef began to feel nauseous and, after insistence from a friend, took the pharmacy tests: “After several days of strange awakening, I said, ‘Today I will take a test, either for Covid or for pregnancy. I did, and it immediately tested positive, and we went out and bought several more tests, and they all came back positive.” .

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