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Nubank creates a new Auto Invest resource for those who want to save

Nubank creates a new Auto Invest resource for those who want to save

Nubank created what are called Caixinhas to help customers who want to organize their accounts, but without extrapolating their expenses. Now the digital bank has announced a file works Which is supposed to provide more convenience to interested parties. It is an automatic investment for Nubank. The tool was created to help those who want to save.

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This way, instead of customers having to do the whole manual process of savingsAuto Invest makes this step easy for them. Simply select the amount you want to set as a goal and choose the monthly amount. After that, the money automatically goes to Caixa indicated by the customer.

Investing cars in Nubank

Fintech also suggests that the user set a date by which they imagine they should reach the lump sum. On top of this goal will be directed Auto Invest. So, after the first step, the money will be invest Without any effort during the months following the date and in the amount chosen.

The function also allows the customer to simulate when he is able to complete a Caixinha goal by saving a certain amount per month. Those who are already eager to use novelty should keep an eye on the digital bank app. a Resources It will be released gradually, so it is very important that the application is always updated.

For many clients who are part of the Nubank community and have received Auto Invest news, the job has been approved and promises to be of great help. This is an incentive to save, as well as an essential help in organizing the monthly installment that will go directly to Caixinha. In fact, they are also very successful with clients of financial institutions. The Boxes is a cutting edge novelty that was launched in September of this year.

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Since then, they have become popular with many. Brazilians. It can be customized by target name. For example: Caixinha can be called “Travel”, “New Car”, anything else you want.