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Irish lace is highlighted at the 5th National Crafts and Culture Exhibition |  F5 News

Irish lace is highlighted at the 5th National Crafts and Culture Exhibition | F5 News

Lace makers from the municipality of Divina Pastora, east of Sergipe, were present for the first time on an international business tour. The participation took place on Thursday 28, during another edition of the National Exhibition of Crafts and Culture (Fenacce), which continues until October 1, at the Ceara Event Center, in Fortaleza. The event was co-mediated by the State Secretariat for Labour, Employment and Entrepreneurship (SETIM) and aimed to promote the export potential of Sergipe crafts.

More than 58 representatives of this category from all over Brazil promoted by the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) will participate in the tour, including Sergipe from the Association of Independent Lacemakers of Divina Pastora (Asdrin). The export potential of Irish lace has been highlighted by buyers from many countries, including Ireland, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Austria.

“Soon, with the support of Apex, we will implement this entire process so that our Irish income can be exported to these countries. Our product was highlighted during this business tour as an exclusive product, like lace, as the only place in the world where it is manufactured is in the state of Sergipe, And in the municipality of Divina Pastora and in the surrounding municipalities such as Laranjeiras, Maroim, and Nossa Senhora do Socorro,” highlights the Secretary of STEAM, Jorge Telles.

Teles also highlights the importance of sharing and representing Sergipe’s crafts at Fenacce, which is considered one of the largest fairs in the country, not only to enhance the flow of products, but also to exchange experiences and reach an international level. “The state government is promoting Sergipe crafts by supporting artisans in coming to this fair. “Thus, we value our culture, our art, our ancestors and the talent of the Sergipe people,” says Telles, recalling measures taken by the government to promote this category, such as a box truck designed to transport artisanal products. .

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Among the praise Irish Revenue received during the business tour was praise for the potential buyer, China. “I think that, all over the world, these materials can be internationalized very well, and will likely be welcomed in the markets of other countries. I think this style of art is very important and necessary.”

Experience and recognition

For the president of the Association of Independent Lacemakers of Divina Pastora (Asdrin), Nedili Silva, participating in the business tour was very positive. “A chapter has been written in the history of Irish lace Divina Pastora. A very positive chapter. We have never been on a business tour with so many interested countries. For Irish lace and for the lacemakers at Divina Pastora, this was a great honour. We have been fighting for years. And now we have this The recognition, when we hear that our product and art is of high quality and has attracted many people from several countries. “It is very rewarding,” he says.

Brazil’s cultural heritage has been recognized by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IFAN), and Irish lace produced in Divina Pastora has attracted the attention of Brazil and the world. For more than a century, the uniqueness of know-how and knowledge passed down from generation to generation has characterized the stories of many lacemakers from Sergipe who see this craft as the foundation of their lives and the promotion of local culture and traditions.

The outlook is positive and there has been no shortage of praise for the uniqueness of the technology, the quality of the products and the historical value behind each. “We have exchanged communications and will now send all the required information. “We are looking positively at the potential export,” says Nedili, highlighting the importance of government support through the Ministry of Labour.

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We have already participated in working tours, but with local interests. The Secretariat’s mediation was essential, because it was able to brilliantly channel and demonstrate the importance of labour, the wealth it possesses, which is not merely a product in reality. It’s a product, yes, but it has a full historical context. This is a life changed by this product,” concludes the Asdrin president.