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Intel CEO interacts with NVIDIA’s Grace CPU

The processor should compete with Intel, but Pat Gelsinger doesn’t seem to be worried

a NVidia Announced Healer NVidia Grace, this is Monday, the twelfth. a CPU For servers and supercomputers it will have ARM technology. And it is not a surprise. Since NVIDIA bought ARM.

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Pat GelsingerYes, CEO Intel Corporation, He wasn’t too interested in revelation. “Clearly, I would say the idea of ​​CPUs is an asset Intel Corporation. We are building now he is Inside the wizards, we hope to continue the offensive and not be defensive, ”Gelsinger commented in an interview with the site. luck.

NVIDIA buys the arm: Understand what the changes are with this mega acquisition
Understand what this movement represents for the industry

However, the Grace Wizard has Up to 900 GB / s of bandwidth between CPU and GPU, Via NVlink. This facilitates, according to NVIDIA, advanced workloads with over a trillion parameters.

NVIDIA believes that the Grace processor has the ability to “restructure the data center architecture” of the specialty computing sector. The company says it will continue to support all CPUs, and that Grace has been developed to work alongside NVIDIA GPUs., Removing the problems from the large complex models of artificial intelligence and HPC (High Performance Computing).

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The Intel Sapphire Rapids processor will have 56 cores and up to 80 PCle 5.0 channels

The Intel Sapphire Rapids processor will have 56 cores and up to 80 PCle 5.0 channels
Supports new generation Intel DDR5 server processors and 64GB HBM2e memory

Meanwhile, I amNtel announces new server processors codenamed Sapphire Rapids with 56 cores, up to 80 PCle 5.0 channels, Support for DDR5, 64GB HBM2e memory. Furthermore it, It launched the third generation Xeon Scalable, codenamed Ice Lake, With 10 nm. “With Ice Lake, we have extraordinary expansions in AI capacity. NVIDIA is responding to us, not the other way around. The idea of ​​AI-enhanced CPUs is clearly a terrain where Intel is easily pioneering,” Pat Gelsinger commented.

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If we fully believe the CEO’s comments, Intel doesn’t seem to be concerned about NVIDIA’s advances, nor does its recent acquisition of ARM. But in a few years’ time, we have no guarantee that this outlook will not change significantly and that the two companies will soon begin competing in the processor market.

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