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Instagram's new function allows you to create a profile for close friends only

Instagram's new function allows you to create a profile for close friends only

Have you ever gotten tired of having one profile for all your Instagram posts? Flipside will arrive to change the game. Hey Instagram This innovative feature has begun testing, giving a lucky few the opportunity to try out an alternative profile exclusively for close friends.

What is the other side? Explore the new profile

Flipside is a way to share your experiences in a more intimate way. This feature, formerly known as Your Space, has been in development for months and will gradually be made available to select users.

It works simply: you can create a profile with a photo, set a bio, and best of all, share photos, videos and more. Rollers Which can only be seen by whomever you choose. A private space for your most personal posts.

The development of Flipside became known in November 2023, when Alessandro Paluzzi, the famous informant of the new app features, shared a screenshot of what was then called Seu Espaço. Since then, the tool has evolved and lives on as Flipside.

When creating a post on Flipside, simply select the “Audience” option during the creation process.

This lets you choose who can access your content, leaving only your closest friends to see what you share in this unique space.

Instagram evaluates audience reaction

For now, Instagram has decided to take a gradual approach to gauge audience reaction before rolling out the feature to everyone. The availability of Flipside is still unknown, and there is no set date for general use.

This feature coincides with other recent efforts by Instagram to promote more private sharing. The trend toward creating more intimate spaces on social media is gaining momentum, and Instagram seems to be recognizing this change.

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Moreover Goalthe parent company of Instagram, recently introduced Meta AI, a virtual assistant that promises a new way of discovering content.