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Inquiry about revenue releases for the second batch of refunds

Inquiry about revenue releases for the second batch of refunds

The Internal Revenue Service issued today (23), from 10 am, consulting the second batch of refund Income tax per person (IRPF) . Funds will be paid on June 30th. This year, there will be five batches of refunds in total and they will be issued little by little.

According to the tax authorities, this will be the largest batch of refunds in history, in terms of the amount paid and the number of taxpayers. In all, 4,222,986 people will receive R$6 billion. Of that total, 2,906,310 taxpayers had filed their returns by March 21.

The rest have legal priority, and they are:

  • 97,082 senior taxpayers over 80 years of age;
  • 779,763 taxpayers between the ages of 60 and 79;
  • 54,240 people with a physical or mental disability or serious illness;
  • 385,591 taxpayers whose main source of income is teaching.

Consultation on IR . Recovery

The Federal Revenue Service informs that an inquiry can be made on the agency’s page. The taxpayer simply clicks on the “My Income Tax” field and then “Consult Refund”. Query can also be done in my app Income tax, Available for Android and iOS smartphones.

Consultation on the website makes it possible to check any outstanding issues preventing the payment of the refund – such as inclusion in a file malha fina. If one or more inconsistencies are found in the advertisement, simply submit a corrected advertisement and wait for the next batches.

Pay refund IR

The taxpayer who is entitled to a refund will be credited to the bank account mentioned in the advertisement Income tax.

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The tax authorities advise that in the event that the credit is not executed for any reason, such as in the case of account deactivation, the amounts will be available for refund for up to one year at Banco do Brasil.

In this case, a citizen can simply and quickly reschedule credit amounts through the BB portal, or by calling the BB Relationship Center through the phones 4004-0001 (capitals), 0800-729-0001 (other locations) and 0800 – 729-0088 ( A special phone only for the hard of hearing).