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Inner municipalities drive dengue cases in ES

Inner municipalities drive dengue cases in ES

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Epidemic dengue fever In the Holy Spirit This has alarmed authorities, especially in the interior of the state, where the infection rate has been higher in the past four pandemic weeks.

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According to an epidemiological bulletin published on the website of the Minister of State for Health (SISA) on Friday (31), it appears in the first place Attilio Vivacoatotal 5211.13 Cases IX-XII SE. so come Geronimo Montero with 3682.74 records. in third place, muquiwith 2903.96 Cases and Mucurici IV, with 2443.88.

So far, it has been reported 65296 Dengue cases in EspĂ­rito Santo with incidence 1,624.82 cases via 100 thousand people Between Epidemic Week (SE) 01 (01/01/2023 to 01/07/2023) and Epidemic Week (SE) 12 (19/03/2023 to 03/25/2023). 19 deaths have been confirmed in this period.

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If dengue is suspected, seek a health service

It is important for residents to be aware of the signs of dengue, seek the nearest health service and start hydrating if the following symptoms appear:

– Fever;
– body aches;
– Joint pain;
– myalgia;
Pain around the eyes and head.
– Stomach ache;
– nausea;

Attention to care

clean the yard, and throw away what has not been used;

Remove water from plant plates;

put empty bottles upside down;

Keep barrels, water tanks, water tanks, and any type of container that can store water closed;

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Backyards should always be cleaned well, eliminating containers in which water can accumulate, such as bottle caps, papers and plastic bags;

Clean the edges of containers well (water bowls, animal food, plant dishes, barrels, water tanks) and always keep them clean.

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