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Ingrid O'Hara is the second eliminated from A Fazenda 14 with 29.01% of the vote - A Fazenda 14

Ingrid O’Hara is the second eliminated from A Fazenda 14 with 29.01% of the vote – A Fazenda 14

farm 14 You’ve reached the end of Ingrid O’Hara! Biwa was the second to be eliminated from the competition on the live show on Thursday (29), with 29.01% of the vote. The influencer lost the controversy for audience preference over Deborah Albuquerque and Rosanne Pinheiro, in a vote held in R7.com.

The second rosa was formed last Tuesday (27). Cheyenne Nominated, Farmer of the Week, Vienna Directly to the first bank in Roca. Deborah was the one with the most votes in Headquarters It took second place. At first, I got 10 votes, but, After using Deolane for the power of the red flamePia Miranda’s votes were transformed into Biwa, who collected 14 votes.

Next, Petal fortified Rosy from Cloud Bay with the power of yellow flames and Deborah chose to pull Ingrid. To finish forming the rosha, Rosé was left in Resta M and took the last chair. The pawn chose to veto Deborah from the farmer’s trial.

Fun and well-connected amongst the walkers, Ingrid O’Hara became a meme, fought back and was ready for rural reality. From the beginning, The pawn befriended Kerlin Little by little, the group grew with the entry of Alex, Deborah, Rovinia de Marti, Cheyenne, and Tati Zaki.

With them, Ingrid enjoyed the party a lot and also afterwards! At the party held in “Bar dos Cornos”, the biwa drank all and Slide the scissors over the locksIt shocks everyone in the house.

The influencer and Tati Zaki lived a friendship between “slaps and kisses”. The funk singer was annoyed by some of her friend’s attitudes and even put her in the “I can’t defend you” position in Ranchometru’s dynamics. They have argued many times and have been slow to make up.

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On the other hand, the relationship with Pia Miranda was just a feud. It all started during the dynamic with Paiol’s pawns In which Pia said that Ingrid had no humility. When Gretchen’s granddaughter joined the show, Ingrid greeted her, saying:I’m the nice one you talked about, my pleasure! He doesn’t even know me, he’s limping! Climau!

In the early hours of Thursday morning (29), Ingrid starred in one of the season’s most iconic moments. Disgusted with Viennese’s victory at the farmer’s trial, The Faon threw manure in the chest of his clothes. The position shocked passersby and unleashed beef after beef!

Or not, Thiago called the pawn crazy and the two fought hard. then, Vinnie said the influencer was naughty They exchanged insults. It was even left to Andre, Cheyenne, and Iran, whose dirt struck their pieces and spent the night trying to clean it up.

The next morning, while delegating new tasks, the farmer bit Ingrid, who interrupted him and I apologize to the pedestrians who felt wronged her position.

But it didn’t work out for Ingrid O’Hara! After losing the farmer trialShe fell into the hot seat and ended up becoming the second eliminated from the competition.

Under the leadership of Adriane Galisteu, farm 14 It is broadcast from Monday to Sunday, at nights TV recording. arrive to Play Plus And follow 24 hours a day everything that happens in Celero de Lindas.