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Influencer Hayes Greer arrested on charges of brain damage victim;  Learn the details

Influencer Hayes Greer arrested on charges of brain damage victim; Learn the details

A shocking case… According to information from TMZ, released this weekend, former Vine star and digital influencer, Hayes Grier, has been arrested and faces charges of robbery and assault in North Carolina, United States.

The case began last Friday (30), when Hayes, who has been working with social media since the video platform went down, was arrested in Mecklenburg County after some arrest warrants were issued to bring him to the local. Previously, Greer resided in Encino, California.

According to arrest warrants obtained by TMZ, a judge ordered the arrest of the influencer based on preliminary evidence provided by Charlotte Police about an attack he allegedly committed on Monday (26).

Although she did not provide full details of the case, the documents revealed enough to understand what happened. Also according to TMZ, the young content creator allegedly stole a mobile phone worth $1,200 (about R$6,150) and then hit the victim, known as William Markolph, seriously injuring him.

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The attack left Markolph with several serious injuries that police said included a fracture of the left orbital bone (the orbit of the eyeball), brain damage, bruised ribs, bleeding from the back of the head and hearing loss. Grier was subsequently released after paying a bond of US$17,500 (about R$89,000).

Influencer Hayes Greer was arrested in Mecklenburg, North Carolina, United States. (Photo: clone/TMZ)
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According to US reporter Joe Bruno, the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office reports that Greer faces three felony counts of common law theft, criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault and bodily harm.

In addition to Hayes, another young man named Luc Foucher is suspected of participating in the crime. According to local authorities, Fauci conspired with Jarir to commit theft and assault, but he has yet to be arrested. The Vine star must face the judge on Monday (2).

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Who is Hayes Greer?

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Hayes became known for his videos on Vine and now has a YouTube channel with over 882,000 subscribers. He was also the youngest competitor on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” which he appeared on when he was just 15 years old. Greer is the younger brother of the Carolina Panthers who holds quarterback Will Greer and former Vine star Nash Greer.