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In the tiebreak, Praia Club wins Minas and wins an unprecedented title in South American volleyball |  volleyball

In the tiebreak, Praia Club wins Minas and wins an unprecedented title in South American volleyball | volleyball

If in recent years Minas has been a thorn in Praia Club’s side, Uberlandia has shown that, this season, it is ready to change history. Captain Paulo Coco won the unprecedented South American title on Monday night. In the classic “Bread Cheese” game, Uberlandia defeated Minas in 3 sets (25/17, 21/25, 25/17, 19/25 and 15/7), at Sesi Taguatinga Gymnasium, at Distrito Federal.

The invasion of Praia interrupts the straight title sequence of Minas in Sol Americano. Tennis players have won in the last three editions of the tournament. This season is the third beach title in the Bahrain team. A week ago, Club Uberlândia Won the fourth match of the Women’s Volleyball Super Cup. Two days ago, Paulo Coco’s team came home Eighth State Cup.

In addition to beating Minas in three sets to 2, Praia won three more matches to claim the South American title. Uberlândia won 3 sets to 0 in the other matches Olympia-BarAnd Brasil NS St. Martin’s BowlThe competition ended with 11 points. Minas won the vice championship title with 10 points.

The Minas teams will be the representatives of South America at the Women’s Volleyball World Championships. The competition is scheduled to be held from December 15-19 in Ankara, Turkey.

Minas and Praia Clube return to the field next Friday, in their first Superliga Feminina appearance. The Uberlândia team welcomes Pinheiros at Arena Praia. Minas also plays at home against Valinhos, which is broadcast by SportTV. Both matches are scheduled for 6:30 p.m.

Praia Club won the unprecedented South American title – Photo: CSV

With a three-point series serving from central Taissa, Minas immediately opened 5-1. Praia reacted quickly and went 6-5. In the sequence, the Belo Horizonte team is back on top, but with Praia he has always tended to the scoreboard. In the final inning, Belo Horizonte outnumbered the siege and tied the match by partial closing with a score of 25-21.

In the third part, with a great performance by the Martinez sisters and a confused reception by Minas, Praia Club was left at the start of the part and opened 12 to 6. The Uberlandia team continued to excel and even had a ten point difference: 20-10 with a kick from Brayelin Martínez, Praia won Clube in the third group from 25 to 17.

The two teams will represent South America at the World Cup that will be held in December in Turkey – Photo: CSV

Praia kept his good pace at the start of the fourth set and managed to open the scoring with a score of 10-6, but Minas did not break and showed the power of reaction. Belo Horizonte scored nine points in a row, managed to turn around and remained in the touchline, closing the partial with a six-point lead: 25 to 19. The decisive point came in a Barry Dyro attack that cleared the block.

In the tiebreak set, Minas started to advance and scored 4-2, but Praia quickly responded and turned around and managed to score 8-5, coach Nicolas Negro asked for time, but to no avail. The women of Paulo Coco were determined to retain the unprecedented trophy. With a consistent presentation, Uberlândia’s team was dominant in the tiebreak and closed the match 15 to 7, in a quick game by Claudineha and cutting the title off by central Carroll.